8 Nov 2015

How is it nearly Christmas already??

So far this year we’ve been focusing our designs on more personalized gifts.

I don’t know about you but I know that I get a lot more joy from opening a gift that has been made specifically for me or bought with my interests/likes in mind than I do from receiving a last minute (often more expensive) gift that has little thought behind it!

We’ve been working on a new range of gifts for people with specific hobbies/interests, be that Auntie Susan’s love of cycling, Cousin Cassie’s love of music or the Crazy Cat Lady, who lives next door’s love of… well errrr… Cats!

… So be sure to check out our ‘Gifts’ section for some unique and thoughtful gift ideas, secret Santa suggestions and stocking fillers.

6 Sep 2015

Where it all began…

Chloe started up Madame Cherry in June 2011 after a hectic 5 years in IT Recruitment. What started out as a hobby quickly became a tangible business. She held her first event in July of 2011, where she had a stall at a street fair in the beautiful village of Milton Abbas, Dorset.
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Her first event was a major success and Chloe has gone from strength to strength growing the business internationally and online. Chloe says “I couldn’t be happier. I get paid to play with jewelley, it’s every little girls dream.”

31 Jul 2014

The Madame Cherry…

Madame Cherry is a bit of a diva. We like to think of her as an alter ego. Her fabulous selection of jewellery and accessories is her forte.  She has everything from basic brooches and novelty necklaces to quirky rings and vintage inspired earrings.

She aims to cater for the contemporary woman. She’s a celebrity, a student, a career girl, an office worker and a stay-at-home mom but most significantly, she’s a fashion icon, someone to be envied for their unique and exceptional style.

Her website has been designed to make your on-line shopping experience almost as exciting as meeting Madame Cherry in person at one of her many fairs and outlets.